Frequently Asked Questions

How to see the website

I can't see the website. What should I do?

If the design is not shown correctly, please clear the cache of the web browser.

How it works

How does the Onigiri Action work?

“Change the World with Onigiri #OnigiriAction” is a TABLE FOR TWO’s annual campaign to provide meals to children in need through out the world. For each post, our partner organizations will donate 5 school meals to children in need. It’s free to participate. You make a difference just by posting your photos of making and enjoying onigiri. TFT receives donations from our partner organizations who support this unique action with a global reach.

Posting photos

I can't post photos on the website. What should I do?

Please confirm the image file size.
- If the file is smaller than 8 MB: you can submit the file.
- If the file is larger than 8 MB: Adjust image resolution or image size in a photo editor software to reduce file size.
If you need help uploading your photos, please e-mail: and include your name and question.

How do I post photos on the website?

Please include the following contents in the textbox, including your photos:
- A message of your choice.
- Place. (An exact address is not needed. For example: Tokyo, New York, Carnegie Hall, etc.)

How do I post photos through SNS (Social Networking Service)?

Post photos with #OnigiriAction on SNS(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
Please don't put a space between words.
When you post on SNS, please make sure that your privacy setting is open to the public.
When your settings limit your post views only to specific users, the post will not be counted for this Onigiri Action.

#OnigiriAction has to be the combination of capital letters and lower-case letters?

No, it is not necessary. You can use both.
Ex) #OnigiriAction, #ONIGIRIACTION, #onigiriaction

Is it necessary to sign up for SNS (Social Networking Service) to post photos?

No, it is not necessary. You can chose to post photos in 2 ways.
-Via our campaign website
-Via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

Please note: The uploaded photos may be used for marketing purpose by TABLE FOR TWO.

How do I post multiple pictures?

(When you post via our campaign website)
After you upload one photo, click "+Add photo" below, then you can upload another photo.

(When you post via SNS with #OnigiriAction)
Please follow the instruction of the SNS.

What kind of photo can I post?

Any photos that include Onigiri is welcome!
You can post as many photos as you like. It's free to post.

Do I have to make Onigiri myself?

No. A purchased Onigiri is fine.

Do I have to donate money to this campaign?

No, you do not. Our generous sponsor companies and organizations contribute donations for this campaign. However, we always appreciate individual donations.
For more information, please visit :

I will not be able to eat/make an Onigiri on October 16, 2017. Are there other ways I can contribute to this campaign?

Yes! Contribution is possible any time between 10/5-11/15.

Can I contribute more than one photo?

Of course! You can upload as many photos as you want. In fact, we encourage it! With each photo, a total of $1.25 - the amount necessary to provide five meals for children - is donated by our sponsor companies and organizations.

I don't want my face to appear in the photo. Is it alright?

Of course, that's fine. We are happy to get Onigiri-only photos too.

I don't know how to make Onigiri. What should I do?

You can post a photo with purchased Onigiri, which can usually be found at Japanese restaurants or stores.

How can I see the photo I posted on the website?

There is a world map on our website, you can check the map.
Please click a point near where you took the photo.

Best of the Best Onigiri Contest

What is "Best of the Best Onigiri Contest"? How do I apply for it?

TABLE FOR TWO will grant six awards for excellent Onigiri photo.
When you submit your Onigiri photo, please check "Applying for Best of the Best Onigiri Contest," and include your name and e-mail address.
Please note: You cannot apply for the Best of the Best Onigiri Contest by posting Onigiri photo to SNS (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram).

Who will select the awards?

TFT staff will select the photos which most correspond the concept of each award.
Please note: Photos uploaded via social media are not included in the contest.

Is there any application condition?

In "Post photo!" page, please check "Applying for Best of the Best Onigiri Contest"

When will you announce the result?

The result will be announced after Nvember 15, 2017 on our website. A notification will be sent to the winners by e-mail.


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  • JFC International
  • Japan Commerce Association of Washington, DC
  • Zojirushi America
  • San-J
  • Itochu
  • SMBC
  • Tokyo Central/Marukai
  • Misuzu
  • Otajoy
  • Awara City
  • JustOneCookbook
  • BentOn
  • Onigilly
  • Mama Musubi
  • marukome USA
  • Echigoya
  • Sushi Chef Institute
  • Toiro Kitchen
  • Orinigiri