World Food Day Campaign 2016

Change the World with Onigiri

108,815 Onigiri photos were posted from around the world! The photos turned into the bright smile of a child! The world is connected through Onigiri.

Thank You for your support. Because of you, we will provide warm school meals to 4,000 children in need in Africa and across the world for a year!

Best of the Best Onigiri Awards !!

We award 9 Onigiri photos from the posted photos taken all over the world!!

  • "Wow" Location Award


    Food fit for a Pharaoh! Look closely in front of Pyramid, the word "ONIGIRI" is on the onigiri!

  • Onigiri Halloween Award

    The Japan-America Society of Dallas/Fort Worth

    Scary Good! Over 300 people lined up to become onigiri for Halloween and promote healthy eating around the world at the Otsukimi viewing event in Dallas.

  • Onigiri Smile Award

    Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys

    The joy of creation! The 1st grade students made onigiri with their own hands for the first time.

  • Most Creative Onigiri Award

    Ann Lewis

    She made a new creative onigiri every single day!! Yakiniku Maki Onigiri, Parmesan Cheese Onigiri in Cream Stew and Spam Nyan Onigiri..they all sound amazing!

  • Most Creative Onigiri Award

    Globalize DC′s "Japanese Plus" students

    The students show their creative skills! On the left: Pucca On the right: Crying man:)

  • Most Creative Onigiri Award

    Eleanor Roosevelt High School

    Exotic Onigiri - where is it from? Students at Eleanor Roosevelt High School, participating in Global Classmates by KAC, made eye-catching onigiri art!

  • Onigiri Kids Award

    La ronde Byron

    These nursery school children learned that there are many children around the world who can’t eat even when they are hungry and they can help by making onigiri. It’s hard for small kids to make onigiri at first, but they were making great ones after a little practice. These kids made a big difference!

  • Best Onigiri Story Award

    John Snowball

    This high school service group handed out over 400 student-made onigiri to hungry men and women in Yokohama. The students work with a homeless shelter in city to provide a free lunch every Friday for the homeless of the district. Giving to others in need is the spirit of Onigiri.

  • Best Onigiri Story Award

    Verena Hopp

    She has an M.A. in Japanese studies and introduced onigiri and many kinds of sushi to her friends and family. Her grandma fell in love with onigiri and requests them everytime her granddaughter returns to Germany! She posted this photo for her grandma for her birthday. Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag Oma!

You can see the photos on the map below. You can also find photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook by searching #OnigiriAction. For each onigiri photo posted, our partner organizations and supporters donated 5 school meals to children in need throughout the world.

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How to post photos - Eat Onigir and take photos! Post your photos on the website. School meals are delivered to the children in need through TABLE FOR TWO. How to post photos - Eat Onigir and take photos! Post your photos on the website. School meals are delivered to the children in need through TABLE FOR TWO.

Post Your Onigiri Photos !

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For every Onigiri photos,

5 school meals will be delivered

  • Photo of Onigiri
  • Photo of making an Onigiri
  • Photo of eating an Onigiri
  • Or any Onigiri-related photos are welcomed!!


Join the Campaign

Besides Posting Photos !

School meals can be delivered by purchasing featured products or posting on SNS.
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Post photos of Onigiri, making or eating Onigiri, or any kind of photos related to Onigiri on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with hashtag "#OnigiriAction" !
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How to Join


Buy or make Onigiri


Eat Onigiri and take photos


Post the photos on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with Hashtag "#OnigiriAction" !
*Make sure your privacy settings allow public view of posted photos.

Best of the Best

Onigiri Contest

Best Onigiri Awards 2016 !

Post your Amazing Moments and Creations on the Onigiri Campaign Website from October 11 to November 30.

Winners to be announced on the Website after December 1.

“Wow” Location Award

Last year’s winner was taken at the top of Mount Blanc! Where will you take your onigiri photo this year?

Onigiri Halloween Award

You can be onigiri this Halloween! Show us your onigiri costume!

Onigiri Smile Award

Show off your best smile with onigiri!

Most Creative Onigiri Award

Make everyone smile with the most fun or cute design you can imagine.

Onigiri Kids Award

Kids love onigiri – and making a difference while having a delicious snack!

Best Onigiri Story Award

Share your great story about onigiri! (Please write in “Message” section when you post)

Join the Events

Otsukimi Moon Viewing Festival - Oct 15th (Sat) 6:30pm-9:30pm

Otsukimi Moon Viewing Festival

Oct 15th(Sat) 6:30pm-9:30pm

Klyde Warren Park, Dallas

Participants can take fun Onigiri photos at the TFT booth with a beautiful moon.

Japan Fes - Oct 16th (Sun) 10:00am-6:00pm

Japan Fes

Oct 16th(Sun) 10:00am-6:00pm

Broadway btw 92th & 94th street, New York

TFT will sell healthy Japanese food items donated by its partner companies. All the proceeds will be donated to support providing school meals to children in need. Participatns can take fun onigiri photos at the TFT booth.

Oishi October - Oct 28th (Eri) 6:00pm-8:30pm

Oishi October

Oct 28th (Fri) 6:00pm-8:30pm

Boston University Metropolitan College Campus, 808 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, Demonstration Room #117

Join us for a fun-filled and educational evening to make delicious (oishi) popular Japanese foods: rice balls (onigiri), savory pancake (okonomiyaki) and rice stuffed fried tofu skin pockets (oinarisan). A portion of the event fee will be donated to TFT and also you can take fun Onigiri photos.

2016 Japanese Food Festival - Nov 13th(Sun) 11:00am-4:00pm

2016 Japanese Food Festival

Nov 13th(Sun) 11:00am-4:00pm

Hilton Los Angeles, Universal City

Japan Foundation Los Angeles and TFT will host Onigiri workshops by inviting Ms. Naoko Moore. Participants can enjoy performance and experience of making onigiri.


NSABIMANA Gilbert / SPARK MICRO GRANTS / Slow Food Rwanda Country Director


This year, we hosted TFT in Rwanda with aim of food sharing. It was exciting to see how school kids teachers and Slow Food members were excited to enjoy onigiri! Food is culture and sharing it, is a good step to start culture exchange. Wishing onigiri successful campaign for a world of love and satisfaction.


  • Genji Sushi
  • Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York
  • JFC International
  • Japan Commerce Association of Washington, DC
  • Zojirushi America
  • San-J
  • Yamamotoyama America
  • Misuzu
  • Otajoy
  • BentOn
  • Onigilly
  • udemy
  • marukome USA
  • Hana Japanese Market
  • Utsuwa Hanada
  • Sushi Chef Institute
  • Toiro Kitchen
  • Samurice